2018 Schedule of Events


  • Friday, March 23 – OPENING RECEPTION (7pm-Late) w/ interactive installations, ‘Mutual Moksha’ aerial painting + music composition collaboration w/ Heather Eyeland and Texture & Light.
  • Saturday, March 24 – Exhibition open (2-9pm), ‘Rope Bondage for Beginners – A Conscious Kink Workshop w/ Justice Schanfarber‘ (12-3pm), ‘Cock Talk’ opening night @ Townsite Brewing (8:30-10:00pm)
  • Sunday, March 25 – ‘Cock Talk’ 2nd show @ Townsite Brewing (8:30-10:00pm)
  • Tuesday, March 27 – ‘Cock Talk’ 3rd show @ Townsite Brewing (8:30-10:00pm)
  • Wednesday, March 28 – ‘Cock Talk’ closing show @ Townsite Brewing (8:30-10:00pm)
  • Thursday, March 29 – Exhibition open (2-9pm) w/ DJ/Live music, Perfume Making Workshop with Dust + Ether
  • Friday, March 30 – Exhibition open (2-9pm) w/ Spoken Word Night!
  • Saturday, March 31 – Exhibition open (2-9pm) and dirty dancing night w/ Bliss Rider and Trevor Refix @ McKinney’s Pub (10pm-2am)
  • Thursday, April 5 – Exhibition open (2-9pm)
  • Friday, April 6 – Exhibition open (2-9pm) w/ Tarot by Teresa.
  • Saturday, April 7 – Exhibition open (2-9pm) w/ evening performance by Lele (sexually charged ukulele folk from Whitehorse, Yukon) 



Thank you!

We’d like to say thanks to the folks and arts organizations that are helping us make the exhibition a reality in 2018!

Thank you to our Event Coordinator, Douglas Enquist, and to our Promotions Coordinator, Jenny Allen-Taves!

Thank you to our guest Curators; Adam Cramb, Miel Creasey, and catnip!

Thank you to our sponsors and community partners;


The Powell River Arts Council 729d02_53aa6e189d7a47c19bce77e0cab89d07~mv2


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We’re live!

Expose Yourself – 2018 CALL TO ARTISTS

Expose Yourself is a boundary-pushing, body-celebrating, hilarity-making, multi-disciplinary art exhibition based in Powell River, BC. We value art, humanity, and humour (and a little punk rock)

Expose Yourself Wordmark.png

Expose Yourself exhibition seeks artist contributions for the 2018 event held March 23 – April 08, 2018 at the new Powell River Art Council’s gallery, TAC, in Powell River BC. Submissions and enquiries should be sent via email to EYexhibition@gmail.com The deadline for submissions is Friday, February 23, 2018.

2018 theme: ‘Resist/Submit’ Artists are invited to artistically depict the theme ‘Resist/Submit’ by exploring a wide variety of possibilities including resisting or submitting to; desires, dreams, societal norms, stereo-types, your nature, the natural world, love, power (yours? theirs? ours?), time, culture, aging, imagery, politics, boundaries, passions… Anything one chooses to keep in the closet or flaunt. We hope artists will take this broad theme and dig deep. Submissions depicting diversity in life styles, sexuality, bodies, and political satire are encouraged.

Visual Art Submissions (2D, 3D, photography, sculpture and installation work in all media) that explore the theme of ‘Resist/Submit’.

  • No more than 5 works created within the last two years.
  • All image files labeled with artist name, title, size and medium.
  • A bio and brief artist statement that describes you/your selected pieces and any applicable links to artist promotions.
  • Outline of any specific hanging or display needs (if needed)
  • A jury fee of $15 CAD is required (via PayPal, e-transfer, or cheque)
  • Digital images of each submission via email.


Seeking diverse, boundary-pushing poets, singers, dancers, actors, or speakers!

Performance Art/Workshop Submissions should include:

  • Overview of performance/workshop (subject, length, staging, audio/video/lighting needs) via email.
  • Budget/requested performance fees if applicable
  • Name, email, phone number and any appropriate links or promotions
  • There is no jury fee required for this submission category


Deadline for submission: Friday, February 23, 2018

You do not have to be a resident of Powell River to submit or exhibit for this exhibition. We welcome new and returning artists with new works.

Expose Yourself – 2018

Expose Yourself 2018… March 22-25… That’s what we know… And, Robbie’s ass will def make an appreance… Again…
Thank fuck for that FABULOUS summer, right?! Fall is officially apon us now so it’s time to get in touch if you’re a party planning nerd. We could do monogrammed napkins and shit… Probaby… If YOU wanted to (and they were dirty)…
Anyways, dates are set(ish), collaborations are in the works, grant deadlines are coming and going… I guess we’re doing this?!
Also, 2018 is kinda exciting for EY ’cause it marks 10 years since our first show. That means most of us are older(ish) and wiser(ish)… We’re either way more or way less boring, depending on who you ask… You just get to an age where you’re like “fuck it”…
It’s good to include images on these posts so here’s a picture of Paul from 2017. This t-shirt hurts more now, doesn’t it? What a difference a few months make when you’re living next door to a couple of Trumps.





Senses That Sin


Get ready, now…

Senses That Sin, A Multidisciplinary Art Installation by Laura Balducci Art. 

With a special, live performance on Friday  March 17th, Laura Balducci’s latest art installation, Sense That Sin includes three art dolls, one live doll and an accordion player. Her inspiration for this exotic/erotic experience comes from the flowers and their surroundings. A celebration of  all the lush SPRING sensuality our senses can handle — and we need that right, now! Included in this botanical debacle are two very special guests. Allow us introduce you to Namchi Bazar and Del Riveria!
Namchi Bazar’s impressive career started with her early training with the Royal Vancouver Ballet Academy, which was followed by years spent with the Arts Umbrella Youth Dance Company. She would then move on to more exciting training at the West Coast Ballet Institute with special tutelage under Crystal Pite. Namchi completed her BFA in Contemporary Dance from Concordia University and pursued a career as an independent choreographer and performer, pioneering some experimental venues and performances, including Piss in the Pool with Sasha Kleinplatz, Andrew Tay and Dana Michel.  Namchi dabbled in the wonders of the circus arts with special performances for Cirque du Soleil. She also spent years studying different types of Classical Indian dances and folk styles from Rajasthan. Namchi developed her love for collaborative projects and continued to forge new pathways in Indo-fusion dance aesthetics, working with diverse artists and mediums including Beats Without Borders, Adam Shaikh, and Tarun Nayar. Namchi has most recently worked with Meinsje Vlaming and the Dream Caravan from Cortes Island, BC who blend elements of flamenco, gypsy and belly dances with theatrical circus arts.

Del Riveria is a man of few words but serious talent! He has collaborated with Laura Balducci on various art installations including, The Stuffy Collection and The Other-Side presents That Wall, gracing them with his accordion improv. Del also plays with The Slim Milky Band from Powell River and The Improv Choir… Singer, songwriter, composer, accordionist/pianist, actor, impresario, busker, improviser and (from an early age) parade instigator, Del Riveria is a performance artist extraordinaire!

Stitching for Social Change

Special Performance Friday night only!

Special guests Sima Elizabeth Shefrin and her husband Bob Bossin from Gabriola Island present a performance — sew a stage story, if you will — of their Embroidered Cancer Comic; an artist’s look at love and prostate cancer. With wry humour, fabric artist Sima Elizabeth Shefrin uses deceptively simple imagery to create awareness and discourse around the taboo topic of prostate cancer and its effects on an intimate relationship. 
Check her out at Stitching for Social Change > http://www.stitchingforsocialchange.ca/home.htm 
Ps, Bob has some “on point” or “topical” folk songs to share. It’s all kind of, not to be missed, if you ask us. 


Saturday Night Sexy Dinner Party !


Join us at Edie Rae’s Café for a pre-exhibition, four course meal fit for the gods & goddesses!










Click here for tickets

*Limited Seating **Curators In Attendance ***Sillyness Awaits

Provocative Refections Menu (special thank you to Kelly for his mouth-watering cullinary curation)

Antipasta of Eros
(Greek God of erotic love/passion/sex)
Roasted Eggplant vegetarian inspired Antipasta

Freya Salad
(Norse Goddess of fertility/love/beauty/sex/war)
Arugula Salad with pomegranate and pumpkin seeds with figs and strawberries and an olive oil dressing

Main Course (Veggie option available upon request)
Venus Pork
(Roman Goddess of love)
Pork tenderloin grilled to perfection with a house smoked Okeover Organic large oyster, asparagus spears and drizzled with a leek cream cheese sauce. Served with an oven roasted medley of vegetables and paired with our very own Lofn Brew
(Norse Goddess of forbidden love who blesses illicit love affairs)
(Biere D’hiver added with Cocao Nib, Ancho Peppers, Cinnamon Macau)

Cupids Fruit
(Roman God of erotic love)
Fruit salad with Bananas, Cherries, Water melon and apples, served with a pomegranate, honey and Grand Marnier dressing,

Liquor Items
Lofn Brew 16 Oz $5
(Norse Goddess of forbidden love who blesses illicit love affairs)
(Biere D’hiver with added cocao nib, ancho peppers and cinnamon macau)

Mami Wata Martini $9
(African Goddess of fortune/healing/sex/water)
Gin, martin, maraschino cherries, watermelon liquor garnished with frozen watermelon ball

Hymenaios Liquor 5oz $7
(Greek God of marriage ceremonies/inspiring feasts/song)
Pomegranate juice, gin, sparkling wine and garnished with pomegranate kernels