We have events! Events are happening!

Here are two of the events ūüôā


LGBTQ Town Hall! Exploring Issues Facing LGBTQ¬†in Rural Areas (like Powell River — this will have a specific focus on what’s working and what’s needed here!)


We are proud to welcome Robert Beringer, BGS, MA., experienced facilitator and researcher, to Powell River to host this LGBTQ community town hall event focusing specifically on issues facing LGBTQ communities living in rural or isolated areas such as ours. All ages are welcome to attend and the town hall format will provide a forum to share thoughts about community services (social and otherwise), health, wellness, aging, intergenerational connectedness, and diversity.

->>> Members of neighbouring communities are also encouraged to join <<<-

This is a free community event made possible by The Old Courthouse Inn and the Powell River Pride Society. We will be collecting donations from those who are able. No pressure. 100% of the donations will be going to Robert’s travel and accommodations.

During the evening Robert will present findings from his research into issues facing LGBTQ communities in rural areas in Canada and engage discussion regarding the specific needs and concerns within Powell River.

Click here to RSVP! (RSVP is not at all mandatory but appreciated.)

Click here for more about Robert Beringer.


Did someone say “theatre workshop with Kat Single-Dain?” We have one of those, too!16195426_1349833651741018_1008823122693698643_n

The Play is the Thing! 
Saturday, March 18, 12-2pm
Tickets $20.00 per participant

‘The Play is the Thing: Using Playfulness in Theater Performance’ is a two hour master class in the art of having fun on stage. From a background in clown training, Kat Single-Dain will give you tools for presence and improvisation that can be applied to any live performance art.

We’re thrilled to welcom Kat Single-Dain, Artistic Director at the Dusty Flowerpot Cabarte Society and member of the The Myrtle Family Band to Powell Riviera to indulge us in a good ol’ fashioned theatre workshop.

Click here for tickets!
Click here for more about Kat Single-Dain.

Coming event announcements? We will soon be releasing the details of our new VIP dinner, Provocative Refections! Also coming soon, the main exhibition in all it’s glory!


There is a lot of anticipation¬†about the return of¬†Expose Yourself¬†this March 16-19 (yeah, I said Mar. 16th… we’ve extended the dates) but there also appears to be downright agitation¬†in regards to the location announcement. We literally got stopped in the street last weekend. Pulled over. Held up! We barley survived and did receive one verbal lashing.

Well, rest your mind, folks. It’s going to be OK. Wait no longer. We can, at this time, 100% confirm… That as of this day forth, until the dawn of time (hopefully), we will most certainly be located in the brave, the beautiful, the orgy-capitol of Powell River… With out further a-due… It’s in PowTown.

Seriously, what more do you need to know at this very moment? Huh? Do you live in Powell River? Awesome, then just stay there. Do you NOT live in Powell River? Awesome, plan a trip there March 16-19, 2017. Two Ferries can’t be wrong! And we all know it’s just the locals who be agitated. Everyone else’s is just happy to be planning a vacation!

One thing you should definitely do, whether you’re currently a resident of the Powell River region or not, is book a hotel room. We’ve teamed up with the Old Courthouse Inn (10% OFF Rooms!) and the Rodmay Heritage Hotel (Rooms starting at $50!)¬†again to make sure this vacation/stay-caction¬†is a attainable life goal. Book while the bookin’s good!


Expose Yourself 2017

We would like to take a moment to welcome Brad Collins Art & Illustration into the mix!!! He is one of Powell River’s home grown artistic gems and a driving creative force on the¬†Sunshine Coast. We are thrilled to have him on board for the EY relaunch. It’s the start of a very exciting time¬†at Expose Yourself and it’s talent like Brad’s that’s bringing us home. Imagine what we can accomplish when we work together? A coastal town with brains, braun and beauty!

Stay tuned as Expose Yourself 2017 unfolds¬†a unique art festival, shaped for you, by you. Focusing on Art,¬†Humanity¬†and¬†Humour… what’s not to love?!

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of the 2017 exhibition! Deadline is coming fast and holding strong at Jan 21st!


Back To The Grind

2016 was a total¬†jerk, right? We lost so many great artists and gained Donald Trump as President. WTF?! The good news is it’s finally 2017 and with the New Year comes¬†new beginnings.¬†It is time to power through that holiday (or political) hangover and¬†get engaged with something expressive and exciting. Something that let’s your desires, your soul or your amazing sense of humour shine through these dark nights.
At Expose Yourself we are all about creating opportunities for artists and art lovers to let their hair down and be re-invigorated. Try¬†out a medium, delve down to¬†your deepest places¬†or make a satirical statement about the world around you! If there’s an erotic¬†twist and it explores the realms of art, humanity or humour, we want to exhibit¬†it!
The deadline to submit your art to the 2017 Expose Yourself exhibition is Jan 21st!
With a variety of interactive installations and performances set, we are super excited to see the visual art contributions come together, too! Submission details can be found at Follow along on the social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.
Rage against the machine and/or hippy blessings to you,



Process Driven

We have been receiving some super submission updates on projects in process.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise but, let’s just say that the 2017 exhibition will feature some downright¬†libidinous (look it up, hot-stuff!)¬†installations and community art projects. Remember the monkeys? The teddies? The giant felted penis mounted on a roving rumba? The barbies?!

Yeah… We love that stuff.

Don’t forget, the submission deadline is midnight on Saturday, January 21st. If your piece is still “in process” at that time, that’s alright, just be sure to¬†send us your best representation of the piece (pictures!) and any explanation you think we will need in order to make sure we gotchew. And, if you be afraid of the request for a CV (resume) DON’T BE. This can be a full, professional artists CV, an overview of what you’ve been up to or a drawing of a artist rendering of your butt. It ain’t a contest! It’s research.

In the meantime, ¬†if you’ve got¬†detail images of your installation (a pic of a detail or two on your project — something that won’t blow the surprise), your costume or your non-sanctioned Expose Yourself¬†art-bomb, send ’em in to




Role Call: Caitlin Bryant

Raised by artists and wolves.861301_4577706996480_509037719_o

Expose Yourself Founder and Producer Caitlin Bryant spent the first years of her life growing up in the studios and artist run galleries of East Vancouver with her mom, a visual artist and her Dad, a woodworking bookworm.

In her early teens¬†her family ripped her from the comforts of city life (so dramatic!) and moved herself and her wolf-dog Amadeus to the fishing village of Lund, BC, where, for the next decade and a half, they communed¬†with the Cedars, skinny-dipped in the phosphorescence and danced to live bands¬†in¬†the forests¬†and orchards of the Sunshine Coast. As it turns out, bush life¬†ain’t so bad.

After procreation, it became clear to Caitlin that she¬†would need a “job” in order to sufficiently provide for her family so, naturally, she decided to pursue a career in the arts. After another decade of getting educated and working really, really hard at getting a “job” in the arts, Caitlin is proud to report that not only can she pay her own rent but, she puts pants (or skirts) on everyday and goes to an actual office where she helps brilliant people create vibrant communities through arts and culture.

She has a wide range of arts administration and programming experience including visual arts, theatre, film festivals, music and community radio (fuck yeah). She likes beach fires, road trips, puns, colourful alleys, amateur photography and weird art.

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