Senses That Sin


Get ready, now…

Senses That Sin, A Multidisciplinary Art Installation by Laura Balducci Art. 

With a special, live performance on Friday  March 17th, Laura Balducci’s latest art installation, Sense That Sin includes three art dolls, one live doll and an accordion player. Her inspiration for this exotic/erotic experience comes from the flowers and their surroundings. A celebration of  all the lush SPRING sensuality our senses can handle — and we need that right, now! Included in this botanical debacle are two very special guests. Allow us introduce you to Namchi Bazar and Del Riveria!
Namchi Bazar’s impressive career started with her early training with the Royal Vancouver Ballet Academy, which was followed by years spent with the Arts Umbrella Youth Dance Company. She would then move on to more exciting training at the West Coast Ballet Institute with special tutelage under Crystal Pite. Namchi completed her BFA in Contemporary Dance from Concordia University and pursued a career as an independent choreographer and performer, pioneering some experimental venues and performances, including Piss in the Pool with Sasha Kleinplatz, Andrew Tay and Dana Michel.  Namchi dabbled in the wonders of the circus arts with special performances for Cirque du Soleil. She also spent years studying different types of Classical Indian dances and folk styles from Rajasthan. Namchi developed her love for collaborative projects and continued to forge new pathways in Indo-fusion dance aesthetics, working with diverse artists and mediums including Beats Without Borders, Adam Shaikh, and Tarun Nayar. Namchi has most recently worked with Meinsje Vlaming and the Dream Caravan from Cortes Island, BC who blend elements of flamenco, gypsy and belly dances with theatrical circus arts.

Del Riveria is a man of few words but serious talent! He has collaborated with Laura Balducci on various art installations including, The Stuffy Collection and The Other-Side presents That Wall, gracing them with his accordion improv. Del also plays with The Slim Milky Band from Powell River and The Improv Choir… Singer, songwriter, composer, accordionist/pianist, actor, impresario, busker, improviser and (from an early age) parade instigator, Del Riveria is a performance artist extraordinaire!

Saturday Night Sexy Dinner Party !


Join us at Edie Rae’s Café for a pre-exhibition, four course meal fit for the gods & goddesses!










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*Limited Seating **Curators In Attendance ***Sillyness Awaits

Provocative Refections Menu (special thank you to Kelly for his mouth-watering cullinary curation)

Antipasta of Eros
(Greek God of erotic love/passion/sex)
Roasted Eggplant vegetarian inspired Antipasta

Freya Salad
(Norse Goddess of fertility/love/beauty/sex/war)
Arugula Salad with pomegranate and pumpkin seeds with figs and strawberries and an olive oil dressing

Main Course (Veggie option available upon request)
Venus Pork
(Roman Goddess of love)
Pork tenderloin grilled to perfection with a house smoked Okeover Organic large oyster, asparagus spears and drizzled with a leek cream cheese sauce. Served with an oven roasted medley of vegetables and paired with our very own Lofn Brew
(Norse Goddess of forbidden love who blesses illicit love affairs)
(Biere D’hiver added with Cocao Nib, Ancho Peppers, Cinnamon Macau)

Cupids Fruit
(Roman God of erotic love)
Fruit salad with Bananas, Cherries, Water melon and apples, served with a pomegranate, honey and Grand Marnier dressing,

Liquor Items
Lofn Brew 16 Oz $5
(Norse Goddess of forbidden love who blesses illicit love affairs)
(Biere D’hiver with added cocao nib, ancho peppers and cinnamon macau)

Mami Wata Martini $9
(African Goddess of fortune/healing/sex/water)
Gin, martin, maraschino cherries, watermelon liquor garnished with frozen watermelon ball

Hymenaios Liquor 5oz $7
(Greek God of marriage ceremonies/inspiring feasts/song)
Pomegranate juice, gin, sparkling wine and garnished with pomegranate kernels


Calling All Makers+Crafters! Free The Nipple

Inspired in part by artist Micol Hebron’s amazing answer to nipple censorship on social media and your hilarious, impromptu dress-up of the past, this is an open invitation to participate in this wearable art FUN-STALLATION – Free The Nipple!







knit a boob or adorn yourself and your friends with earnings, barrettes, berets, brooches and more! Whatever media or form inspires you just make ’em and wear ’em! Free The Nipple! 






There is a lot of anticipation about the return of Expose Yourself this March 16-19 (yeah, I said Mar. 16th… we’ve extended the dates) but there also appears to be downright agitation in regards to the location announcement. We literally got stopped in the street last weekend. Pulled over. Held up! We barley survived and did receive one verbal lashing.

Well, rest your mind, folks. It’s going to be OK. Wait no longer. We can, at this time, 100% confirm… That as of this day forth, until the dawn of time (hopefully), we will most certainly be located in the brave, the beautiful, the orgy-capitol of Powell River… With out further a-due… It’s in PowTown.

Seriously, what more do you need to know at this very moment? Huh? Do you live in Powell River? Awesome, then just stay there. Do you NOT live in Powell River? Awesome, plan a trip there March 16-19, 2017. Two Ferries can’t be wrong! And we all know it’s just the locals who be agitated. Everyone else’s is just happy to be planning a vacation!

One thing you should definitely do, whether you’re currently a resident of the Powell River region or not, is book a hotel room. We’ve teamed up with the Old Courthouse Inn (10% OFF Rooms!) and the Rodmay Heritage Hotel (Rooms starting at $50!) again to make sure this vacation/stay-caction is a attainable life goal. Book while the bookin’s good!


Expose Yourself 2017

We would like to take a moment to welcome Brad Collins Art & Illustration into the mix!!! He is one of Powell River’s home grown artistic gems and a driving creative force on the Sunshine Coast. We are thrilled to have him on board for the EY relaunch. It’s the start of a very exciting time at Expose Yourself and it’s talent like Brad’s that’s bringing us home. Imagine what we can accomplish when we work together? A coastal town with brains, braun and beauty!

Stay tuned as Expose Yourself 2017 unfolds a unique art festival, shaped for you, by you. Focusing on ArtHumanity and Humour… what’s not to love?!

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of the 2017 exhibition! Deadline is coming fast and holding strong at Jan 21st!


SUBmission Call

We’re really excited about all of the interest we’re receiving from around the world (literally!). So many mediums and so many artists!

If you’re interested in being part of this unique exhibition, we’re still looking for Visual Arts submissions of 2d and 3d works in any medium and photography contributions to the 2017 Digital Gallery (in the theme of “contemporary nude”). All the details can be found on the EY Artist SUBmission page.

At this time our schedule for performance, workshops and satellite events is pretty much set for 2017…. But, never hesitate to get in touch so we can plan for the future.

We look forward to seeing your work and encourage you to reach outside your comfort zone!


Expose Yourself 2017


Image: All Mixed Up by Ken Russell and Deb Bryant



Role Call: Miel Creasey

Role call for jury duty!

 Erotica is using a feather, Pornography is using the whole chicken.  – Isabel Allende 

We are excited to welcome Meil Creasey back into the fold. She joins us as a visual arts jury member and brings so much talent and thoughtfulness to the table.


‘Fecundity’ by Miel Creasey (2012 Expose Yourself submission)

“As a visual artist I am beyond thrilled to be involved in this coming years Erotic Art Show – After a few years’ hiatus Powell River’s Art Show of Year is making a comeback!  As a contributing artist it is so exciting to be giving an opportunity to interpret erotica in a personal and visual way – to me the subject of erotic art is empowering and freeing; as artistic expression always should be.  To me this show has always been about breaking down barriers related to shaming of the human body, it’s about feeling comfortable with our sexual selves, and defining the vast differences between erotica and porn.”

We couldn’t agree more with those sentiments!

Check out Miel’s full portfolio at

Miel’s work focuses on natural, social and political subject matter, often relating them to one another. She’s interested in history, in changes that occur over time relating to land, environment, industry, people and their cultures.  Her work is both contemporary and historical, attempting an emotional history of British Columbia’s coast -its darkness, optimism, and secrets- and attempts to create a balance between social critique and a remembrance of a time and place that once was.


‘Permission to Come Ashore’ by Miel Creasey

“My interest in the history of land and human settlement has largely stemmed from my upbringing.  Growing up I spent many summers exploring the coastal area of Desolation Sound by sailboat.  I was intrigued by the old homesteads, abandoned coastal village sites, and plant species that were non-native to the area; all were like clues, which left me wondering what once was.  Later on, after meeting my partner, who is of Coast Salish decent, my interest in the history of the area became even greater. Gaining knowledge and insight into traditional Coast Salish culture has greatly influenced my current work.  I am ever-curious about the First Nations commitment to their traditional practices; their songs, dances, languages, ceremonies and rituals, and their struggle to keep them alive.”


‘Turning Tides (Galley Bay, Desolation Sound)’ by Miel Creasey

Miel views her current work as a medium in which she can comment on human evolution; our tendencies to dominate each-other and our natural resources, our ever-growing population, and our world which is constantly in a state of change.  She wishes for her work to respectfully acknowledge the peoples and communities that have made the British Columbia coast their home for so many years; to tell their stories and let the history of the land live on.

Thank you, Miel, for your caring and creativity. You are a vibrant and loving soul and we are over-the-moon to be working with you!