Calling All Makers+Crafters! Free The Nipple

Inspired in part by artist Micol Hebron’s amazing answer to nipple censorship on social media and your hilarious, impromptu dress-up of the past, this is an open invitation to participate in this wearable art FUN-STALLATION – Free The Nipple!







knit a boob or adorn yourself and your friends with earnings, barrettes, berets, brooches and more! Whatever media or form inspires you just make ’em and wear ’em! Free The Nipple! 





Role Call: Paul Paiero

Role call for jury duty!

We are thrilled to be working with Paul Paiero again in 2017. He’s been a staple of the Expose Yourself community since circa 2010 and, he’s just a super nice guy. Paul appreciates a little humour + humanity with his art, ya know? So do we.


For our 2017 exhibition, Paul joins us as a member of the jury (he’ll be taking bribes closer to January.) Paul’s a courageous, self-taught artist and general do-gooder residing in PowTown. He’s in charge of keeping shit real! His work is sometimes comical, sometimes tantalizing, sometimes political and always thought provoking.

We heart his art!

2012 Comic Panels by Paul Paerio.jpg

case and point 

In his own words, here’s why Expose Yourself is not just a silly-good time…

Expose yourself is Powell River’s very own diverse art experience that invites and promotes artists for OUR chance to provide  experiences that titillate and disrupt mainstream thinking. Without this (and similar… ?  are there any) exhibitions, we, the non-mainstream ‘types’ have few, if any, opportunities  to display our works. I myself NEED THIS to present my art, to spark my creativity, and to just plain enjoy.

AND SO… in closing, as FRANK BARON said… The creative person is more primitive and more cultivated, more destructive, a lot madder and a lot saner, than the average person.”


case and point ↓

2012 My Plastic Cock.JPG

Paul Paireo EY Collage.jpeg

 Sing it, Paul!

Expose Yourself is in good hands this year. Keep an eye out as the role call for jury duty continues

Have an uplighting or inspiring memory from a past EY exhibition you’d like to share? Would you like to highlight some of your past EY art projects? Get in touch!

2017 Call for Artists!


Expose Yourself is an erotically themed, multi-disciplinary art exhibition that has been celebrating diversity through artist contributions, performance + workshops and hilarious group art projects in Powell River, BC, since 2008. After a production hiatus between 2013-2016, Expose Yourself is back on track for a boundary-pushing, body-celebrating, hilarity-making March 2017 exhibition!

The next Expose Yourself Exhibition is: March 17-19, 2017.

Want to submit your art? We are currently seeking visual art submissions (2D, 3D, sculpture and installation works in all mediums) as well as photography submissions (digital files only) in the theme of contemporary nude for our new Digital Gallery component.

Deadline for visual art and digital gallery submission:  Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 11:59pm. Click here for full submission details.

We are also seeking contributions  of performance art, workshops, etc., on an on-going basis. Get in touch with us any time!

Looking for some inspiration? Check out our gallery for images of work and atmosphere from previous EY exhibitions!